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Custom Software

The design and implementation of the application are carried out according to the needs and requirements of each business.

Custom Software

The new needs of the digital age and the rapid technological development are evident. To increase its efficiency, by simplifying and accelerating its production process, a company turns to using an application: a program that will facilitate and organize its operations.

However, the most important thing is the right choice of such a program. Every business is unique with different needs, making it difficult to limit only to ready software solutions. As a result, CustomLAB provides its customers with the opportunity of creating a custom application, i.e. a custom program, designed exclusively for the needs of each business.

The CustomLAB company posseses a high level of expertise, with experienced professionals, a specially trained staff and years of experience in the field of computerization. It invests substantial time in full understanding of the each business operations in order to propose the most effective solution.

“ Strategically, our work aims at organizing businesses, improving response times and working conditions. ”

How we do it

1. Consulting and planning.

At this stage, communication is made with the client, for the detailed recording of the functions and processes of the business in order to make the basic structural design of the software.

2. Software construction.

The software construction stage is implemented by experienced personnel of the company. Throughout the construction, the customer is informed about its progress and checks the progress with live access. The final changes – corrections lead to the delivery stage of the project.

3. Delivery and operation.

At this stage, the system to be operated is delivered, together with a user manual and training. The customer benefits from the organization and lack of process errors, on a daily basis.

We train our users & provide an online manual for all our applications



Priority in supporting systems after the sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, suggestion, problem that concerns you.

Case Studies

The specialized solutions offered by CustomLAB create long-term partnerships.